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The Choirs are an inclusive group of diverse individuals, singing Gospel Music to touch the hearts, minds, & souls of people with different backgrounds and cultures throughout the world. Spreading God’s message that we are all His children! And most importantly, that men are that we might have joy, and that is truly something to SING about! We are building Unity Gospel Choirs and Youth Choirs all over the nation for the purpose of building communities. The choirs will sing songs of hope, joy and peace.


"It's more than just a choir ... it's a movement: a community of people coming together to create positive change with music as the catalyst and community service as an emphasis. We love those whom we serve." -Debra Bonner

The purpose of the Unity Gospel Choir & Choral Program is to build self-esteem and confidence by giving youth their authentic voice through vocal training. The intent is to clear negative emotions that impede performance through stage-fright workshops and bring joy and inspiration by singing inspirational songs. Students learn, practice and perform songs from a repertoire of original popular music. They will apply vocal training techniques that foster correct singing, breathing and articulation.


























Opportunities To Record

World Class Vocal Training & Voice Lessons



Classes will meet at various sites once a week, for an hour-and-a-half. All local sites will combine once a month for a two hour class. Enrollment for the Unity Gospel Choir is year round.

The regular class schedule will include the following:

  • Prayer & Choir Business             (10 minutes)

  • Stage Fright Workshop               (10 minutes) Individuals learn stage-fright techniques by participating in games that facilitate their ability to be calm, release negative emotions, focus and be creative. This enhances their performance skills, not only in choir, but in life.

  • DebraTone Vocal Training (10 minutes) DebraTone Vocal Training trains the muscles to work efficiently, so you can sing anything in any key without vocal strain, revealing an authentic voice at its best. All soloist and choir members are trained in DebraTone and use this technique to perform.

  • Choral Rehearsal                        (60 minutes) Individuals learn to apply correct vocal techniques while singing gospel and positive pop songs, training their ear to sing in harmony.


Participants in the Unity Gospel Choir may have opportunities to tour with soloists, groups or ensembles. They will also have the opportunity to join additional Unity Gospel Choirs in a variety of cities throughout the world.


The cost is $30/month, but some scholarships may be available. Please indicate if you would need a scholarship in order to participate and be sure to include the city and state where you're located so we can get you involved in the nearest Unity Gospel Choir.

Make new friends and be uplifted!



Bonner hopes to establish a program to teach inspirational pop and gospel music..."We will be teaching leadership and empowerment. I have met so many young people who were suicidal or cutting or have endured bullying with low self-esteem, traumatized," Bonner said. "Then, through training their voices, they've been healed. ... It clears the obstructions in their soul."

             -SALT LAKE TRIBUNE


“This is my favorite institute class! It's actually the best one I've ever been to. I'm super grateful for this class because I can come out of my shell, and make friends. Most importantly I feel like I don't fit in well in the other classes, but this one fits me perfectly. I've felt the spirit here strongly, and it's helped increase my love for the Lord, and his children. Smile and be Happy :)”

-Abigale Elena


“This gospel choir class has brought me so much joy! Sometimes I debate whether I should come or not, but when I do it makes me so happy and it's super fun!”

-Tayva Shumway


“Singing in the choir has helped me to come closer to my Savior Jesus Christ in a whole new way. It has been a blessing to develop my talent.” -Jonathan Stevens


“This choir has blessed me immensely. It's so amazing what we can do to give praise and express gratitude to the Lord. The spirit is amazing and always touches my heart when I come. To me, music brings the spirit stronger than anything else. God bless!”

-Oliver Sitani


“I have really enjoyed coming to choir because the spirit felt through music is one of the biggest ways I feel the spirit and these songs have really impacted the way I look at my savior and the way I look at my relationship with him! Thank you!” -Tiffani Nixon


“Debra! This has been such an amazing experience. Music has touched me in different way now.  I feel the spirit too. Thank you for all your service from you and brother Bonner!” -Love Ashley Johnson


“I have been playing music and singing my whole life and I have found that singing with this Gospel choir has given me a way to express my love for Christ that I previously had never explored. It's been incredible to me how much unity and love we have felt together in such a short amount of time! I love this choir! Thanks!” -KC Kraig Mullen


“It's helped me to find opportunities to train my voice. It's a muscle that I love, but I rarely get a chance to exercise it. So thank you!” -Dallen Shumway


“My testimony has grown from the time the gospel choir started to now. It has been a great experience.”

-Karly Peterson


“The gospel choir has filled a hole in my life I never knew was there. It is so fun to sing, worship and share my love for my Savior :) Rehearsals have been filled so much spirit and I have learned to sing from my heart! I love this choir and I would encourage anyone to join.” -Cambria Hunter


“Debra, It has been sooooo fun to sing in this choir through the whole summer. I have felt the spirit while praising my Lord and Savior. Thank you for introducing me to this glorious genre of music! It's a new way for me to remember my Savior.” -Kevin LeStarge


“I've always loved this kinda of choir, I wish I had an amazing voice so I can sing it well, but even if haven't been able to do so, my my heart has felt so much joy and peace singing in this choir. My testimony has increased so much about the Savior. Thanks for this opportunity.” -Israel Lopez


“The institute gospel choir has reignited my desire to attend institute. It is hard to be at school all day and then come to another class at institute. But this choir is really refreshing. I have felt the spirit not only at institute but also throughout the week when I practice.”  -Tanner Perry


“I feel so happy when I get to come and sing in gospel choir. It fills me with joy and let's me express my feelings for the Lord.” -Camilla Hodgson


“Sister Bonner, I really feel as though I needed to be here. I decided shortly before returning to Provo that I wanted to learn how to riff, and you have pushed me to do so in singing the National Anthem. I can feel the Spirit here helping me to learn a skill I normally would not at this rate. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!” -Rachel Carr


“Well, I enjoy how this choir links community and church together. I feel the more we do that, the happier Utah Valley will become.” -Spencer Duncan


“Gospel choir has been such an uplifting experience, the music helps me accurately express my love and appreciation for the savior.”  -Zach Chase

"Gospel music has changed my life in more ways than I ever thought it could. I just feel so good while singing it. It truly brings me closer to my Heavenly Father and it brings the spirit into my life through the power of music. It is remarkable." -Shane T Rutter 

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