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"My vision is to transform a new generation of leaders, who will be encouraged to dream and acquire the tools they need to reach their highest potential through music and singing."

-Debra Bonner

Debra and Richard Miller had a close friendship. Richard conducted a teacher training vocal seminar for Debra Bonner Vocal Studios, a rare honor. Debra then arranged for him to conduct seminars for BYU & UofU as well.

Debra Bonner presenting Seth Riggs, her mentor for many years, with the Lifetime Achievement and Impact Award given to him at the 5th Annual Malibu Music Awards at the World Famous Malibu Inn on Saturday, September 22. Among her comments Debra stated that "Seth Riggs changed the world with his vocal technique of Speech Level Singing in his teaching."

The Bonner Family, voted "Southern Nevada's Family Of The Year." Debra Bonner, her husband,Harry Bonner, and her 8 children--Mauli, Nolong, Younga, Clotile, Yahosh, Conlon, Oyoyo, & Oba.

Debra and Harry Bonner

Debra Bonner found school difficult until her best friend introduced her to Jesus Christ at the age of thirteen. Debra embraced her worship services and learned to read by singing from the hymnal. Her life totally changed as her mind expanded in knowledge and understanding through the Spirit. Her pastor, Avery Aldridge, choir director, James Peoples, and the Foss Avenue Baptist Church family in Flint, Michigan loved and nurtured Debra. They paid for her voice lessons until she graduated from high school--with honors.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a Master's Degree in Vocal Performance, Debra married her sweetheart, Harry. Three months later they served a Baptist mission in Liberia, West Africa for nearly two years. Prompted to return to the States, Debra became an inner-city high school choir director for nearly two years, continuing to change lives for good. She then moved west where she spent over 20 years training, and was a close associate of Seth Riggs, the most celebrated singing coach in the pop industry. Seth is the vocal coach for over 120 Grammy Award winners. He taught Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, Prince, Natalie Cole, Bernadette Peters, Josh Groban, Stevie Wonder and more. Debra spent 9 years with world-renowned vocal expert, Richard Miller, author of "The Structure of Singing," and articles in over 120 professional journals. 


Debra has been very blessed to have had these extraordinary experiences. No one else in the world can say that they have trained and been close associates with the two top vocal pedagogues of the 20th Century for over 30 years. Seth said to Debra, "I believe that the Lord sent you to me to teach this method."​ His technique was later named by Debra Bonner, "Speech Level Singing," which is the foundation of DebraTone. Debra, along with her associates and students, have trained well over one hundred Grammy, Tony, and Opera Award Winners.  Debra has performed around the world and has developed her own vocal technique, DebraTone.


DebraTone is a method of vocal instruction that develops the muscles inside the larynx. As muscles are coordinated and then strengthened, the voice becomes flexible, clear, and connected, producing an individual's "true voice" at it's best. The tone is beautiful and natural.​ Just following a systematic approach with vocal exercises, the voice will improve naturally.


Debra's children have been around this vocal technique all of their lives. It is a

part of who they are.  Today they are happy, confident, loving, successful, professional singers and/or vocal coaches. This technique breeds these qualities because it's true, it's natural, and it's correct. 

Debra's greatest partner is her husband. They are both acclaimed artists and performers. Debra has sung as a guest soloist and recorded with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She has also been featured on various gospel, jazz, and classical recordings, as well as commercials, music videos, and television.

Debra and Harry Bonner have taught their children from the time they could walk the importance of finding their "true voice" and each of them have gone on to find success in the music industry. 

In October, 2016, the eight Bonner siblings and their parents, all talented vocalists in their own rights, gathered from around the country to compose and record this original song based on the hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

The Bonner Family

Debra Bonner--Vocal and Life Coach Extraordinaire, Professional Soloist, Youth teacher, Director of Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir and Owner of Unity Gospel Choirs, Executive Director for non profit organization, Transforming Flint. Married to Harry Bonner for 40 years, Mother of 8 children, grandmother of 11. Lives in Provo, Utah.Debra is a testament to the positive power that singing can have, and how a life can change with positive mentor-ship and a little financial support. Her dream is to transform lives to give people hope, joy and self-esteem by helping them find their authentic voice while singing songs of inspiration. 

"I live my dream by giving people their authentic voice so they can resonate their truth and love throughout the world." -DebraBonner


Harry Bonner--Harry is Debra's husband and the father/patriarch of this family.  He and Debra will have been married 40 years this coming May, 2017.  As a performer, he can and does hold down a tenor part or sing a solo if needed. His primary contributions to the choir has been that of Technical and Spiritual Director.  However, his primary claims in performing are that of an inspirational speaker, first class Master of Ceremonies/Host and stage actor.  Harry and Debra have worked together throughout their marriage on various projects within the performing arts and in community transformation. Harry Bonner has played the lead role of Jim in Big River at Sundance and at the Hale Theater.  He is the CEO of DebraTone.


"It has been 29 years since Debra was introduced and began using the basic principles of her vocal technique. I have been blessed to witness “so many” voices that she has perfected and lives she helped to transform and inspire. Whenever I would hear and wonder in amazement at the results of her training, she would calmly yet firmly say to me, “The technique works. It is a gift from God.”On those rare occasions when I have performed as a soloist and been privileged to receive vocal training from Debra and/or one of her associates, I have heard and felt the immediate improvement in my voice. I have heard and felt the sound of my “authentic voice.” I feel great about my voice. I feel great about who I am in my voice. I am so thankful to my dear Father in Heaven and to Debra for teaching this divinely inspired technique to each of our eight (8) children so that they too can sing in it and/or teach it effectively." -Harry Bonner

Nolong Ngei Bullock--Voice Teacher, Choral Director, Singer, exceptionally brilliant, articulate, currently works with Bank of America as a Training Supervisor.  Nolong teaches up and coming recording artists from America and the country of Georgia and is currently studying law. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and three children.


"This technique has been a godsent. Not only has this technique provided for my family in ways that any 9 to 5 has not, but it has blessed the lives of those that have used it for their own musical aspirations. The students that I have taught range from those who have been considered tone deaf, to those who already make their living as singers. This method has inspired and instilled confidence in individuals who were told would never be able to sing, and made them beautiful musical artists.I'm so grateful to my mom who showed me how to bless others with the gift of song through this method.

Thanks mom, you're the best!" -Nolong Bullock

Yunga Webb Goslyn--Junior High School Music Teacher at an elite private school in Orange County, CA (She teaches Koby Bryant's Kids.) Her choirs, music productions and staged musicals are superb, especially considering they are junior high school students. Yunga is a vocal coach for a variety of professional singers, she is a professional singer, and talent manager. Yunga lives in Orange County, CA, with her husband and one child.


"My mom has taught me so much about the voice. She is the guru of vocal freedom. Because of the technique she instilled in me, I can say confidently that I am now a guru in training!" -Younga Bonner

Mauli Jr. Bonner--Vocal Director for Nickelodeon, Vocal Coach for such prominent stars as Katie Perry, Arianna Grande, Fergie, Fifth Harmony. He is an outstanding, prolific song writer, vocal producer and sound engineer.  He lives in Pasadena, CA with his wife and two children.


"Through DebraTone we are able to guide the students voice to their natural state. Most of what we do as humans is imitate what we have heard over the years, but with this method we are able to identify the natural tone that the client was born with. We are then able to build on a foundation that is strong and authentic to the students voice. The power that I am able to bring from the voice without the strain and tension is comparable to the amplified sound a baby makes when crying. This method establishes a strong foundation that can continue to be built upon throughout a singer or speaker's lifetime. There are tones or frequencies that we respond to differently by nature. There are some voices that solely by their sound can annoy and some that can inspire. With a certain tone of voice we can command attention, show affection, appear decisive, and show any of the many emotions. We living creatures react to tones before we do words. It is the way a vibration moves us that creates an emotion or reaction. There is a reason why the majority of women news anchors share the same vocal tone. There is a reason why 2 of the most influential black men in history MLK and President Obama share the same DebraTone. We react to the frequencies of notes the same way we did when we were baby. As infants we may not know the words but could feel and connect to a tone whether it was love, authoritative, or disciplinary. This is the same with all living things. It is not the words that is identified but the toning of the voice.  The voice is the key to self expression whether it be used for song or speech. As I work out the voice of my clients they find themselves gaining more confidence in themselves as they consequently gain a more authoritative and leadership role in their personal lives. This is due to the authenticity of their Vocal Tone."  -Mauli B  

Clotile Bonner--She is currently starring in a one-woman show (jazz and blues singer) on a Mississippi River Boat. She's an excellent actress and voice teacher. She graduated as a theater major and wants to be in the movies as a Shakespearean and/or Elizabethan character. She resides in Washington, DC when she is not on the Riverboat out of New Orleans, LA.


"My mother Debra has been my mentor ever since I began teaching 12 years ago. This technique is one that allows the voice to continue to strengthen and evolve. I have used DebraTone in every performance based professional setting. I used it everyday while performing with the BYU Young Ambassadors for three years. I took it with me as my base vocal routine while touring with the Broadway National Tour of "The Color Purple" for 18 months, and most recently this technique improved each of my European up and coming artists as the Vocal Director of an Independent record label in the Country of Georgia. That's where I met my husband- so thanks Mom. :) Love you, and you really are the best!" -Clotile Bonner

Yahosh Bonner--Prolific recording artist, song stylist. Excellent performer and communicator, musically and in using the spoken word. He has quite a few performances on YouTube and he is the Assistant Director of The Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir, as well as a leading soloist. He was the Assistant Coach at Southern Utah University, and the number one point guard for the states of Utah and Arizona. Also, he is currently the Head Basketball Coach at American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork, UT. Yahosh resides in Provo, Utah with his wife and three children.  

"Debra Bonner teaches at a high level and yet still has the techniques and experience to teach effectively to whomever has that desire to sing. She has helped produce and increase the talents of many great artists, and other vocal instructors. The innovative exercises that she uses to strengthen the human voice has not only helped beautify my personal tone but as basketball coach who heavily relies on my intense vocal projection; it has allowed me to do my job and still sing solos in church. I promise that after a visit with Debra Bonner a person will not only hear a change in their voice but will also have an increased confidence level in their ability to sing. That’s what my mom does, she will amplify your natural voice to enable it to reach it’s full potential. Debra tone! Vocal toning, call it what you like, I just know that I’m a witness to the results that come from taking vocal instruction with one of the greatest vocal coaches in the country." -Yahosh Bonner

Conlon Bonner--He is a wonderful singer in pop, gospel, and musical theater. His range is limitless and he is an effective actor on stage and on the screen. Conlon recorded for Deseret Book and EFY, was a member of BYU Vocal Point 2012- 2013, in BYU Young Ambassadors, lead actor in multiple shows at the Hale Center theater--Big River as Jim, Little Mermaid as Sebastian, as Colehouse Walker in Ragtime, and starred in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He currently teaches Seminary and lives in Sandy with his wife and three children.


"This technique allowed me to reach notes I never dreamed of hitting with power and a rich tone. I have been able to express who I am through song rather than imitating someone else’s tone and emotions. Growing up surrounded by this technique has not only strengthened my singing, but has also helped define who I am as a person. I am passionate, sensitive, determined, and confident. These are qualities that have helped me in my everyday activities such as work, family life, etc.

Singing has helped me achieve many great accomplishments. I sang the National Anthem at many track meets, which helped transfer that confidence into my athletic performances, becoming an All-American athlete in track and field.

Singing hymns at church strengthened my relationship with my God, which is the most important relationship anyone can have. I would encourage anyone and everyone to utilize this technique because of the effect it has had on me." -Conlon Bonner

Oyoyo Joi Bonner—She is a superior vocalist and professional actress.  Lead in multiple shows, such as: Aida, Ragtime, and the National Touring Company of Memphis The Musical. She is casted as part of the touring Broadway show entitled "Book of Mormon." She is single and 26 but her works has taken her back and forth across the country.  As a hobby, she is a talented in taking and editing videos, especially with her phone or an inexpensive video camera.


"This technique has shaped me as a vocalist! I can sing healthily in all styles and have been taught everything from pitch to performance. Debra Bonner is an amazing vocal coach, if not the best out there! She is encouraging, extremely patient and knows exactly how to communicate the technique to you in ways you fully understand. Match this technique with this woman and you've got a dream come true! Not to mention she's a great mom :) With this technique and voice lessons from Debra I was accepted in a very competitive Music Dance Theatre Program at BYU and cast in the National Touring Company of Memphis the musical. I know more achievements are bound to come because of my wonderful experience!" -Oyoyo Bonner

O/B/A--is the youngest of the Bonner children at age 22. He is writing for Paramount and Hasbro Toys. O/B/A is a songwriter for "The Senate" and other Grammy Award winning writers.  He resides in Pasadena, CA.  You can capture a lot of his work on Youtube under O/B/A/'s World.


"I write songs for Grammy Award Winners with Paramount. I'm working on my solo career as a Pop Artist. I plan to be a superstar. Thanks mom for everything, I love you so much. -O/B/A

The Bonner Family Performers

Music to the new original, 'Are You Ready?' video written and performed by O/B/A.

Debra Bonner

Singer, Producer, Writer & Performer

Conlon Bonner and the Schuyler Sisters from the Hamilton Musical is here in Working with Lemons.

Autumn Leaves

Accompanied & Arranged by Fred McCray

I Just Can't Stay Here By Myself

Solo with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Barren Olive Tree

Michael McLean's, "The Garden"

Embraced By The Light

An original song written by Debra Bonner

Music to the new original, 'Just A Fling' video written and performed by O/B/A & Tiffany Alvord.

Soulful cover, "You Raise Me Up," by Yahosh Bonner and Abraham Thomas.

Beauty and the Beast cover by Maddie Wilson and Yahosh Bonner

An original song by Yahosh. The pain of losing a loved one is heavy. Knowing that there is more than this physical life lightens that pain. To know that we have loved ones that have passed, but are still watching over us as angels brings celestial comfort. Song Written by Junior Bonner.

TRIBUTE SONG FOR SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY (NEWTOWN) - Alex Boye' ft. Conlon, Oyoyo, Clotile, and O/B/A Bonner.

I Am A Child Of God

Mormon Channel, 2011

Inter Faith Sacred Round Table

Tabernacle At Temple Square, 2017

Rediscover a Tale as old as Time from Working with Lemons with our official Beauty and the Beast in real life. Yahosh Bonner is the Beast! 

My Funny Valentine

Accompanied & Arranged by Fred McCray

The Christmas Song

A Musical Christmas

Acting/Musical Theatre


Performing in Hale Centre Theatre's revival of "Big River" serves as something of a family reunion for Conlon Bonner. Bonner, 27, says it's a dream to be double-cast in the role of Jim along with his father, Harry.

"My dad is my hero, and I get to spend more time with him," says Conlon Bonner, 27,

The role of the runaway slave "was the first role I ever saw a black man play, and it was my dad," says Conlon Bonner, who is reprising the role after performing in Orem's Hale Center Theater's production in 2014. "That makes this extra special. I love the songs, and I'm so grateful to be able to do it again."

He's returning to the West Valley theater after performing in the 2013 production of "Ragtime" as Coalhouse Walker.

The show is even more of a family act, as his mother, Debra Bonner, a renowned vocal coach, will also appear in the ensemble. She has performed solos with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and currently leads the Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir.


Hale Centre Theatre's 'The Little Mermaid' is a wonderful treasure trove.  There are no weak links in the aquatic food chain of this cast.  Conlon Bonner as Sebastian. Bonner's portrayal is far from the rigid-but-sympathetic crab audiences may expect — his vibrant Sebastian is instead a true friend who brings a heavy dose of fun and heart to his scenes.

But just as impressive as the talent onstage is the talent that has gone into setting the stage. Those on the production team have outdone themselves.

Even before the show begins, audiences are transported to the seaside with blue-green wavering lights and the sound of the surf. Glass orbs in fishing nets hang from the catwalk and are illuminated with bright colors. The dramatic, colorful lighting continues with great variation throughout the production and adds magic to every scene, particularly when combined with other elements — the stage that rises, falls and rotates in sections; the ingenious use of a fog machine; gorgeous set pieces and props; and a smorgasbord of sounds.


"Hale Centre Theatre West Valley's production of RAGTIME is exquisite in every way. It could easily be the best theatrical production in Utah this year."

-Broadway World


Other highlights of the incredible reviewed cast, an impressive ensemble are: Conlon Bonner as Coalhouse Walker and Oyoyo Bonner as Sarah.

To kill a mockingbird

An American Treasure by Harper Lee. Lauded as one of the finest classics of all time. Experience with young Scout as she is taught respect, tolerance and love by attorney Atticus Finch, who is acclaimed as one of the noblest characters in all of literature. By Christopher Sergel. Too important and exquisite to miss.  Starring Yahosh Bonner as Tom Robinson and Harry Bonner as Reverend Sykes.

Joseph And the amazing technicolor dream coaT

Back in Living Color!  One of Utah's favorite musicals bursts onto HCT's magical stage! Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber wove this jubilant tale of Joseph of Egypt - cloaked with whimsy, joyful laughter and heart. The singing, dancing and costumes are AMAZING! Conlon Bonner is cast as JOSEPH! Book early! 



heart of robin hood

playing now!

A Regional Premiere!  The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, recently introduced this exciting new telling of how Robin Hood began. It has it all ... laughter, suspense, romance, swordplay, children, dogs and uproarious fun! Smart and playful - this will become a new family favorite.

By David Farr. A crowd pleaser! 

Mon-Sat evenings at 7:30pm
Sat Matinees at 12:30pm and 4:00pm
No performances July 4, 12, 24

Adult: $34
Youth (K-12): $18
No children under five permitted

Hale Centre Theatre 
3333 South Decker Lake Drive 
West Valley City, UT 84119 

Box Office Information
Phone: 801-984-9000
Fax: 801-984-9009
Hours: 10am-9pm, Monday-Saturday

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