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Debra Bonner has always believed that voice lessons are about more than the ability to stand in front of a crowd and impress them. Singing comes from the heart and soul. It is an expression of the self unlike any other. As not just a vocal coach, but also a life coach, Debra Bonner has devoted her life helping people to become their true selves.

Let Debra & Harry Bonner be your life motivators and you’ll have a vocal experience unlike any other. Tracking is a part of the Unity Gospel Choir Program.

Tracking is a mind maturation tool that greatly helps individuals get rid of negative emotion. Through tracking, choir members become self-sufficient by having a clear mind and a positive attitude.  This gives them the tools they need to accomplish anything they set their minds to.


Debra sees herself now as a life mentor, wanting to encourage people to better themselves to better their singing. As a former Baptist Missionary in West Africa, she has seen the hardships of the world, but she has also thankfully seen all the hope and happiness there is as well. If you join one of her programs, you’ll find an inspirational coach, a vocal mentor, and a dedicated friend.

Get in touch today and see how you can transform your voice and transform your life.

The world can be a tough place. Debra Bonner knows firsthand that the happy places people come from can transform into terrifying places we barely recognize. The world can beat you down and make you feel like you aren’t worthy of expressing the thoughts and feelings that come from your heart. However, there is always that spark of hope. There is always a way to make things better. With Debra Bonner as your life guide, you’ll discover new paths that can transform your entire world.

Debra, has trained with Dr. Vernon Woolf, one of the world’s leading psychologists. She learned how problems in one’s life could translate into roadblocks when it came to singing. Negative emotions can directly affect one’s ability to create a quality vocal sound, and getting rid of those negative emotions can do wonders for the voice.

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