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United Voices Of Flint

Transform A Voice ~ Transform A Life!

Flint's Past

Flint's Present

If You Can Speak, You Can Sing!



Flint Unity Gospel Choir &

1000 Voice Inspirational Youth Choir

What We Are Doing To Help Flint:

United Voices Of Flint is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The mission is to empower and transform the city of Flint, Michigan through singing and life coaching. United Voices Of Flint believes, through finding one’s true voice, they have within them the wisdom and power to find solutions to their problems. The United Voices Of Flint Fund is designed to give hope, love, joy, and to assist individuals in becoming self-sustaining.

When she was a little girl, Debra Channel Bonner was diagnosed mildly retarded. Through music and the love of God, Foss Avenue Baptist Church in Flint, Michigan, loved, nurtured and developed her, giving Debra her true voice. From age thirteen to eighteen, they paid for Debra to have voice lessons twice a week. Her IQ jumped leaps and bounds. As written in her favorite hymn, Amazing Grace, “Was blind but now I see,” her mind was opened and expanded.

After having received a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan in Vocal Performance, Debra Bonner trained and was in association with several of the top vocal pedagogues of the last four decades.


Nearly forty years after leaving Flint, Debra returned to attend her younger brother’s funeral in 2009. She was shocked to see what her hometown had become. It looked like a third world country and in some places, as if it had been hit by bombs. She could see why her brother died early. Flint was once a thriving city because of the automotive industry. With its collapse, Flint was devastated. Debra decided it was time for her to give back to the city that made her who she is today.


Debra Bonner's goal is to give Flint, Michigan back her voice, even more perfectly. Unity Gospel Choirs will be built throughout the City of Flint. The choirs will sing and write songs of inspiration and transformation. They will be mentored by professionals in the desired field of their choice and be instructed by transformational and inspirational life coaches. They will learn tools that will eliminate negative emotions that might block them from moving forward. Most importantly, they will have opportunities to give back, by serving their communities (i.e. caring for younger children, assisting the elderly, tutoring, planting gardens, and participating in city clean-ups).

Through the Unity Gospel Choirs and 1000 Voice Inspirational Youth Choirs, Flint, Michigan will blaze the trail for many other communities.

How You Can Help Flint:

Make a Donation

You can help by making a donation today. Sponsors are needed to enable the youth to participate in the Unity Gospel Choirs, and 1000 Voice Inspirational Youth Choirs. 

Through your donations, youth will learn and apply transformational tools so they, too can help in the rebuilding of a better Flint. Through the United Voices Of Flint Program, Flint will blaze the trail for other communities. The United Voices Of Flint Fund, will help the individuals of Flint re-discover who they are so that they can make positive, lasting changes.

If you would like to serve Flint as a mentor, or if you have talents to share, please send Debra Bonner an email. Make your donation now!





Checks can be sent to:

     Unity Gospel Choir International

     4665 Mile High Drive,

     Provo, Utah 84604 

*Put the "United Voices for Flint" in the memo line. You will be sent a receipt.

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